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We at Take Over My Mortgage Payment work via Mortgage Relief Solutions's transformative Homeowners Relief Program which renews and revitalizes whole neighborhoods and helps eliminate the need for walkaways and foreclosure in many cases. We provide a valuable service to home owners who consider  Mortgage Relief Solutions' "Heroes". We and they are community builders.

We help homeowners who've run out of alternatives. We take over mortgage payments & we take over houses. Perhaps you're considering what is called a Strategic default? See our Homeowners Relief Program. We take over mortgage payments & you move on. Even upside down mortgages.

We offer Mortgage Relief Now! Under a financial strain?
We'll take over...you move on! This Is What We do! No equity or upside down or underwater mortgage okay!
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Our Homeowners Relief Program 


For more than 12 years we have been providing these services to homeowners. We handle many things, from  real estate management, property acquisition, taking over mortgages and houses, all the paperwork and closing.

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     Our Homeowners and Mortgage Relief          Services & Benefits

  • You Make No More Mortgage Payments On The Home
  • You Pay No Property Management Fees
  • You Make No Repairs Or Maintenance
  • You Have No More Landlord Or Tenant Issues
  • We Relieve You Of Stress And Burden
  • We Take Over And You Move On 


Get peace of mind with Homeowners Relief Options
Relief Your Financial Stress
Get Rid Of That Financial Burden
Use That Payment For Something Else
Give Us The Keys & We'll Take Over
Since 2007, we have provided exceptional service to Homeowners who must walkaway from their mortgage because of economic default (can't pay the mortgage) or strategic default (won't pay the mortgage). We take over mortgage payments and the homes associated with it for those who need to move on or move out. Don't just walk away and foreclose. We'll take over & you move on. Relieve your financial stress. Let us take over your mortgage payments and house today!

We can take over your mortgage payments and help you avoid paying two house payments when you move. You don't have to lie awake at night worrying about the house and mortgage.
We take over non assumable mortgages, upside down mortgages, underwater mortgages today!
Email to Info@HomeownersReliefProgram.com or call us today at: (623) 738-4398
Get peace of mind with Homeowners Relief Options
Underwater Mortgage Relief
Give us the keys & we'll take over...you move on - Homeowners Relief Program
We take over mortgage payments - Homeowners Relief Options
Call us (623) 738-4398  or Email To:
Strategic default? Walking away from mortgage? Take over your mortgage payments?
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Need to move? House can't sell? Underwater Mortgage? Upside Down Mortgage? Non Assumable Mortgage? No Equity? Can't Afford Mortgage Payments? Don't Know What To Do?

Now You Can Keep Those Mortgage Payments In Your Pocket! We Take Over Mortgage Payments For The Full amount Of Your Mortgage. We Take Over, You Move On!
Need An Upside Down Mortgage Solution?
Get Immediate Mortgage Relief. We can close in 30 days or less!